A little bit of Summer…. My Cornfield Cowl

Winter. It’s that time of year when summertime seems so far away.  The ground is white with snow at times and it’s so cold it almost hurts to breathe. The cold wind blows and you just wish you were inside.  On the farm, these are the days when I cherish a barn or some place to block the cold wind while chores are being done.  To keep warm, I like to wrap something around my neck.  A scarf, a moebius or cowl are perfect options because they don’t make me feel like I am being choked by a turtleneck.

With that thought in mind, I created a cowl using Cascade Yarns® Bentley.  It’s the perfect blend of 75% Acrylic and 25% Superwash Wool.  I can wash it in the washing machine and dry it in my dryer.  I love the little flecks of colors that appear throughout a skein of Bentley.  And, in true Cascade Yarns® form, there is a wide variety of colors to choose from.  I picked Avocado.  It reminded me of the green cornfields of summer, warm breezes rippling through the stocks making its own unique song.  The cowl I had in mind would be a little bit of summer.  A reminder of some of my favorite times of year.  
When I knit, I like to think that it’s just one stitch at a time.  So, there is no real difficulty to it.  It’s just one stitch, one row, one section at a time.  Kind of like cornfields… One stock, one ear, one kernel all add up to something worthwhile.  I wanted a quick and easy project with fun elements to keep a savvy knitter entertained but at the same time not scare off a beginner from simple cables and lace.  So, as I created the design for my Cornfield Cowl, I pictured lace and cables striping throughout the design.  I wanted a unique design.  The drop-stitch projects I’ve seen before all  have horizontal elements of the drop-stitch and I wanted a vertical pattern to show off the cables.

Normally, when you think of dropping a stitch, it’s a frustrating mistake but add it as a lace feature and it becomes something fun… Maybe a little scary… But seriously, fun!  I made sure to have a landing stitch to stop the unraveling of yarn down to the last row and give a ribbed pattern on the edges.  If you drop the stitch correctly, it creates an open lace effect with little cable strips between.  Try it, I promise it’s fun!  And, best of all you will have a little bit of summer around your neck.

Want to create the Cornfield Cowl?  Here’s the link: Cornfield Cowl  Do you need more help with how to create this cowl?

I have two helpful videos to help with the set up row and the drop-stitch row.

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