This Triticale Lace Scarf isn’t for Cows

Most people will connect Triticale not as a plant but as part of an episode of Star Trek but as a farmer, Triticale is an interesting plant with an interesting name. It’s so similar to wheat that at first glance you might think that is exactly what it is.  It’s listed as a hybrid blend of wheat and rye.  A farmer will often mix this plant with peas or alfalfa.  It creates a different kind of feed for cattle or other animals. The highest content of minerals found in triticale is manganese which is a  powerful mineral in our diet.

People have been known to eat triticale in bread, cereal, cookies and even whiskey. Why not?  When we farm this plant we can use our wheat head on the combine.  It seems to be a great addition to our cattle feeding program. For me, I just like it’s clever name.

So, with that thought I designed a scarf with a bit of a wheat type lace pattern which I felt resembled triticale.  The yarn is Cascade Yarns® Roslyn.  It’s an interesting blend of merino wool and silk.  It was fun to work with.  Just keep in mind that the silk nubs in the yarn may appear on your clothes as you work.  This is perfectly normal when working with silk nubs.

The scarf has delicate cables on each side with a fun edging pattern on each end of the scarf.  You can check out the pattern here: Triticale Lace Scarf pattern


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