Visiting the land of Fairies In My Knockma Hood

B210cFamily history is our link to those who have gone before us.  I’m often asked why St. Patrick’s day is such a “big deal” to my family. For those that know my family well you’ve heard this before, but here it is again. When our immigrant ancestors came to America whether by choice or by force one thing they passed on was for us descendants to never forget who we are and where we came from. They were most often the poorest of the poor but also had the tenacity to push through what appeared to be the impossible and achieve some great things (my family has a very colB210forful history) So we celebrate this day in which the patron Saint of Ireland is honored in ways only Americans do. We prepare Corned Beef and veggies because only a poor Irish immigrant would use salt kernels the size of corn kernels to make a terrible cut of beef edible! We drink Guinness because the Monks who first brewed it aided in preventing starvation and it reminds us to appreciate the abundance we have. We celebrate with friends and family because those are life’s greatest treasures! Slainté!

During my sister’s fun trip back to Ireland, their B&B hostess asked what her plans for the day were…. They explained they wanted to go to the Dingle peninsula to see the possible area where our ancestor Honora O’Flynn was kidnapped off of Ireland’s coast to be sold into slavery in America. She responded with “I know this story”…. As it turns out, the story of Honora is taught to school children. She is a heroine for her stubbornness in insisting that when my ancestor William Logsdon purchased her for a barrel of tobacco that they also be married in a Catholic Church by a priest. Her story and many others like it embodies a lot of the history of this region.


So in a bit of tribute to this ancestor and her effort to remain true to herself, I created a fun knitted hood.  Knockma is believed to be an enchanted woods and home of the legendary Fairy Fortress in the County of Kerry, Ireland. Its scenic moss-covered rocks anB210d trees add to Knockma’s charm and lure. At the top, mysterious fairy forts are built among the trees and stone walls. I imagine a hooded Cowl might be the perfect accessory to wear while walking through such a mystical place. Don’t you?

I used a soft, super bulky yarn in the perfect shade of green.  It’s a quick knit with a clever cabled brim and simple textured pattern throughout.  You can check out my pattern on my Ravelry page here: Knockma Hood Pattern

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