The Magnificent Ocean Meets The Blue Barley Cowl

B225eBarley is awesome stuff… It’s what gives us great tasting beer and Scottish whiskey but also makes some great tasting bread. It’s fun to explore all the varieties of grains that can be grown across the prairie. I like the heartiness and majestic way barley waves in the wind.  If you have ever stood on the edge of a field and looked out across the miles where as far as your eye can see is waving grain, you know what I mean. It’s sort of awe-inspiring with a wow factor unlike anything I’ve ever seen.
To me it is like standB225d_medium2ing on the edge of the ocean and feeling the power of the waves rolling in.

I picked up this blue colored skein of a new yarn called Spuntaneous thinking I would make a sweet gift for a friend of mine who lives in one of my most favorite places with a spectacular view on a little island in the San Juan’s.  She can probably relate to the majestic sea and the waving fields of grain.  To get the effect I wanted I used slipped stitches that form a blue barley head across the front of the cowl.
This bulky soft yarn makes for a very quick and easy knit.


With the blue coral color I used, it really made the pattern pop and created an interesting knit with simple texture.

This is the perfect 1 skein project and made the perfect gift for my friend’s birthday which I had the pleasure of giving to her in person on a magnificent beach filled with wind beaten and salt washed driftwood and smooth stones.  I think she loved it and I am definitely going to make another one since this is seriously fun yarn.  Knitting is a great way for me to cherish a moment and make a memory.  It is a way to share my gift and talent.  If you want more information about this pattern, go here:
Blue Barley Pattern

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