The Legend of the Red Hawk Cowl

W673bIt is said that a Lakota Indian took on a job as a scout in the army during the Civil War.  He tended to the horses and ever so often went back to his people to visit.  Over time because the English settlers could not pronounce his name, he was given a name the of Peter Courtright by his commanding officer.  Rumor has it, this officer was also named Courtright so he bestowed his family name onto this Indian soldier. A valiant gesture I suppose but it, to this day, gives me no clues as to who he really was.

After the war, he married a woman and homesteaded in Nebraska along the Republican River keeping the name of Courtright. Their children passed down the name of Courtright but because he was known to be an Indian, no record of his history was ever recorded in the history books I have poured over in search of information.

W673a (1)

The only person to give me any information was my Nana and now that she has passed I am afraid any other details of this part of my history is lost.  However, I like to say I am connected in some way and so in honor of my Nana and her love of history, I designed this cowl. I believe circles hold great significance to the Lakota and so I have designed knitted circle or cowl, with connected arrows and feathers.  Arrows represent wisdom and introspection, innocence and far-seeing. The Lakota Sioux call themselves the Red Natural Humans. And, legend says that when you find a feather it’s to remind you that you aW673re not alone.  Feathers are interesting to me because they are given for acts of bravery and hold special significance to an Indian.

This cowl is made with 220 Superwash® Merino by Cascade Yarns®.  It’s soft and it gives the perfect texture to wear around  your neck on a cold blistery kind of day.  I am often reminded of the troubled past of the Indians and how they have been so disregarded and disrespected. I believe we should listen to their wisdom and knowledge about the earth and water.

If you would like more information about this pattern go here: Red Hawk Cowl Pattern

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