About This 1 Farm Girl

Hi, I am 1 farm girl….. My name is Adina and I live on a farm.  I wasn’t born here but I have lived on a farm long enough to be able to share the moments, stories, projects, notes of farm life.  I am no expert…. more of the “jack of all trades… master of none” kind who isn’t afraid to share.  I am surrounded by wheat and corn, tractors and combines, horses, cattle, chickens, and sheep.

I have sheared a few sheep, milked a cow, baled hay, killed a snake, drove a tractor with tires I could stand in, and owned a combine or two.  I have had calves in my basement, but I draw the line at the bathtub, and I know a thing or two about building a pasture fence.

I have a yarn addiction and I love to create with it.  I don’t know if I am quite a “Fiber Artist,” but I do like to create.  Over 20 years ago, a good friend of mine brought me her spinning wheel, took me to this old barn, purchased one whole fleece in the raw and sat me down to show me how to spin.  She did this, as all good friends do, because I needed it. The stress I was under at that moment was immense and it was the one thing she knew would be helpful.  She was right.

At first, spinning was not easy and not all that relaxing as she had promised but I kept at it and by the time I spun the entire fleece I was hooked! I had a whole fleece worth of spun wool with no idea what to do with it so, I taught myself how to knit, crochet, tat, and weave.  I’ve added various fibers and other methods to create with each.   I have started a collection of spinning wheels and looms, including drop spindles, and even a walking wheel.  I have floor looms and table looms, too.

My Nana once told me that if I would just stick to one thing, I’d be an expert.  She might be right but I just can’t help myself. I tend to not back down from a challenge and each new venture is enticing because of the adventure, the process and the ability to achieve and reach the goal.  I admire those women who when faced with a challenge, didn’t back down, didn’t faint at what lay before them.  They took on life and the challenge of it and made a difference.  I am an avid history fan and I enjoy learning how people I am related to made a difference whether it was my great, great….. great-grandmother captured off the coast of Ireland and sold as a captive bride or my great grandma born in a covered wagon on her family’s trek West, the pioneer spirit they put forth is what shaped who they were and maybe just a little of their blood running through my veins has carved this 1 farm girl ready to share in the adventure.


2 Responses to About This 1 Farm Girl

  1. okok525 says:

    Hi Adina (LOVE your name btw) – I stumbled onto you via Ravelry and love your work. I wonder if we are related? My father was from Kansas and I believe he had ties to Scotland/Ireland/Germany & France. He grew up on a farm and I have great memories of visiting the family in Kamsas as a child. Extended family, I’m told, was in Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio. I don’t have much family history from his side, (long story), but know just enough to be curious!
    Either way – I enjoyed your blog and story and knitting projects! I’ll look forward to reading your future blogs!
    Sue Logsdon – New Jersey

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