A Farmer’s Poem

A Farmers Poem ‘I don’t like Poetry’ Said the husband to the wife.. ‘I’ve no time for such things I live a Farmers life’ But the wife said ‘dear husband’ ‘you live a poets poem’ do you not reap the … Continue reading

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They’re Just Rocks

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There is something about building a fence or checking it to see if it’s in need of repair. It’s methodical, it takes time and it’s one post, one wire at a time.  Looking at the entire amount of fence to … Continue reading

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My Mackinac Tank

As the weather warmed up, I began to think it would be fun to knit something for Summer.  Normally, I don’t have time to knit this time of year. There is so much that needs to be done that my … Continue reading

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My new barnyard hit: The Platte Clove Cami

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It’s corn planting time on the farm.  Spring is in the air.  I can smell it.  Sunshine, new little chicks, baby lambs and calves, there is something sweet and refreshing about it.  With fresh dirt running through my fingers as … Continue reading

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1farmgirl Motto: Always Be Prepared… And Sexy while doing it. ;)

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A farm girl learns to always be prepared for ANYTHING. With that thought, I often surprise people because I have a full toolbox, including jumper cables in my car and I know how to use them.  Does that make me … Continue reading

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Bears, Blackberries and the Plum Cami.

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It’s that time of year when we see bears and pick blackberries.  The color of the berries inspired me to knit something in a lovely purple shade.  I had the perfect yarn just waiting to be knit and the perfect … Continue reading

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The Caterpillar Bag

It’s been awhile since I stopped and wrote a tale.  Forgive me. My life has taken a major turn and I’ve climbed up a major mountain or at least that is the way it feels.  So for just a little bit…. I want to share my  “farmer” inspired bag. It’s a stretch and humor me a little.  It was a fun knit.  I love how the felting process transforms wool fibers into something totally different.  I started this simple bag 4 years ago. I got about half way through the knitting project and realized I just didn’t like it.  I thought about ripping it out…. Starting over and every time I changed my mind, set it aside, used some of the yarn for another project and then finally one day, I felt like it was time to complete it.  So, here it is. My finished bag.  Knit with endurance, knit with thoughtful care.  It reminds me of the caterpillars I used to find on my garden dill. So colorful. So fun when gently poked.  A work of art inspired by the Black Swallowtail Butterfly.


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